Portable Adobe Photoshop CS4 Beta

default Portable Adobe Photoshop CS4 Beta

   rhalem 10, 2008 1:18 pm

Portable Adobe Photoshop CS4 Beta

Portable Adobe Photoshop CS4 Beta

For Anyone Love Testing Softwares | 550 MB | RS & MU Link | Fully Tested


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Adobe Photoshop CS4,
the latest version of Adobe’s premier photo editing software,
codenamed Stonehenge has been leaked to torrent sites. The date of
compilation of this build is Nov 1st 2007, so there are chances that
this could be a version sent out to testers. There is also rumor that
this version will have only few fixes for Vista users. Here is an image
of the new version running on Windows XP. There is no news on when this
new version will be available.

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: 21/05/2008